The Bedrooms

A place where you can relax, a warm and welcoming environment where you can enjoy rest with particular attention for the environment.


A relaxing visit at the Moulin

The farmhouse has a total of four rooms, equipped with a balcony overlooking the Ayasse stream, facing a wonderful forest of conifers and beech trees.
In the spring of 2019, we renovated them to meet a twofold need: the desire to renew furniture and facilities, and the shift to renewable energy.
The rooms have been insulated, equipped with comfortable bathrooms and large showers, comforts such as Schuko outlets with USB (A) sockets, hair dryer, mini fridge, and mattresses of the latest generation — all without sacrificing the rustic warmth of wood and the rough charm of stone.
Pets are welcome, but not allowed in the deluxe room.

Standard room


Designed for those who love the mountains, the rusticity of wood and the warmth of an intimate and essential environment. Equipped with a comfortable armchair is ideal for lovers of reading.
The balcony overlooking the waterfall will allow a direct contact with nature.



The essential lines of wood warm the environment. The windows, arranged on two sides, make the room very bright.

Ideal for those who love to relax without sacrificing comfort. Equipped with a separate entrance, it is appreciated for the freedom it gives.

Superior room


Large and spacious room, with simple lines, designed for lovers of details.

The insertion in the wood of a painting by local artist Ezio Bordet has been chosen to add originality to your relaxing stay.

Deluxe room


It was created for those who want to cuddle themselves during their stay in the nature. The room, in addition to the bathroom with shower, is in fact equipped with a freestanding tub.
In the headboard of the bed an insert shows the skyline of our valley.

how we thought about your stay

Why the Moulin rooms

We have provided our rooms with an internal insulating coat (it allows to keep the heat better in winter and cooler in summer, without dissipating precious energy), underfloor heating (maintains a constant temperature, ensuring a greater well-being, less dust and energy savings), double windows that provide thermal and acoustic insulation, small VMC (mechanical ventilation) that reduce humidity ensuring a continuous exchange of air in the room, to give our guests more comfort in their sleep.
What has guided us in these choices was the desire to give our guests a place to relax: a warm and welcoming, clean and healthy environment, where you can enjoy a relaxing stay.
All linens and bath towels are washed in the facility. The sheets are chosen by Piera in antique markets, among linen and hemp fabrics.
Our guests will find in their room soaps produced in the valley, with fragrant herbs from our mountains.
Pets are welcome, but not allowed in the deluxe room.
In March 2021, we installed a column for charging electric cars: it is a wall box that charges up to 11kW in mode 3, with type 2 “mennekes” connector.

A green vacation

The interior insulation coat and timely VMCs allow you to maintain a constant temperature and clean air without dissipating precious energy.

Breakfast in the mill

Cakes, tarts, homemade cookies, delicious jams made in-house, local meats and cheeses, all in the picturesque setting of the 17th-century mill.

Alpine Romanticism

Wood and stone have been used with care to make the rooms even more comfortable, without sacrificing the alpine style.

Little comforts

The sheets are chosen by us among refined fabrics and totally washed in the hotel. The soaps in the room are produced in the valley, with fragrant herbs from our mountains.

Wellness and relaxation

The underfloor heating allows us to give our guests a place to relax, warm and comfortable, clean and healthy, with less dust.

All nature

Step out onto the balcony to enjoy the view of the waterfall and the green of the forest