Evi wellness center

A Spa for exclusive use, an oasis of relaxation in which time stops, lulled by the melody of the Ayasse stream.


The power of water

We noticed that many of our guests spent hours watching the waterfall. Some would lose themselves in it, enchanted by its hypnotic flow. When they woke up again, their eyes seemed different; a hint of peace could be seen. Henceforth came the idea of creating a space of pure relaxation dedicated to the contemplation of the waterfall.


A lovely Spa

Evi (“water” in patois, our dialect) was born to allow yourself a break to regenerate, away from everything and everyone, contemplating the waterfall, embraced by the warmth of ancient wood, comfortably sunk into cushions lying on the bare rock or immersed in the jacuzzi.


Between ancient and modern

To emphasize its warm color, the room has been finished with antique larch boards from old barns, cleaned and brushed. The ground is formed by stone from Courtil, and is never cold thanks to underfloor heating. Finally, a touch of modernity: the sofa “Le Vele” to sit or lie comfortably, rest, read or sip herbal tea.

Your private Spa

Evi is for exclusive use only (a couple, or a small group of friends). For this reason, reservations must be made, with entrances established at 9am, 12am, 3pm, 6pm or 9pm. The stay is scheduled for 2 hours, with the possibility of extension to be discussed at booking.

The wellness center

It includes a Jacuzzi, an emotional shower, a sauna, an herbal tea corner, and a small private outdoor garden.


We will provide you with towels, bathrobes, slippers, a hair dryer, shampoo, and body lotion.


Your experience

All prices are per couple, but you can contact us to create your own tailor-made experience!

  • Basic rate for 2h, per couple – 65€
  • Pre-dinner aperitif in spa (meat and cheese board and 2 glasses of sparkling wine) – 80€
  • Spa with aperitif as an alternative to the dinner/lunch in the spa (cold and hot savory snacks, desserts and bottle of sparkling wine) – 120€
  • Spa with dinner at the restaurant for two people – 145€
  • 20€ for each additional hour
  • From 25€ for each additional person (price varies depending on the number of people).


Book your private SPA

Alone or with someone you love, to celebrate an anniversary or to take a break from routine, Evi is dedicated to all those who want to carve out a quiet moment in the Valley of Champorcher.